Emergency Ride Home

Some people shy away from trying a commute option other than driving alone because they're afraid of not getting home if an emergency occurs during the workday. To help commuters feel confident that they can get home in an emergency, we offer a free Emergency Ride Home (ERH) program.

  • Register if you carpool, vanpool, bike or walk from home to work at least three days per week and live and work in Baker, Clay, Duval, Nassau or St. Johns County.
  • You are not automatically registered in ERH when you sign up for Cool to Pool - you must register separately.
  • We'll provide up to four free emergency taxi rides to your car or home per year.


  • Personal or family illness or emergency
  • Carpool or vanpool driver having to leave early or stay late unexpectedly (vanpool driver is required to leave keys with designated secondary driver)
  • Unscheduled overtime approved by a manager
  • Your bicycle breaks down more than two miles from home
  • Inclement weather (precipitation, extreme heat or high winds) at the close of the business day (walkers and bike riders only)

There are many good reasons to take a different way to work-saving money, less wear and tear on your car and improving the environment to name a few. And now with the Emergency Ride Home program, there's no reason not to give alternate commuting a try.